My Audrey Hepburn obsession

This post is going to be about  art mostly!
so You may don’t know that I like Audrey Hepburn a lot! She’s my role model 
I drew her many times, so i though i should share some of my drawings with you

This is an old portratit of Audrey, I drew it maybe 3 years ago
, You can see that I wasn’t good at drawing her face details such as
eyes and mouth
A3 size 


This one is my favorite! I love this picture of Audrey In her Movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” I watched it one time and i love it
I drew this portrait twice, the first one i didn’t complete it because i had some mistakes in the proportions 
But I didn’t stop and I practiced a lot and drew her again, You can see the difference in this drawing and the previous one
This is an A3 drawing


And finally, this is my newest one! It’s very small actually, It’s an A5 drawing 
And it’s more realistic , I love it and I feel very proud with the result, and how I improved in drawing
And I though adding a red color to her lips will be better because it will make her prettier, Also the original picture has a red lips

My final advice to all the young art lovers that if you failed in drawing one drawing it doesn’t mean that you failed in drawing
all you have to do is to practice more and more until you achieve the result you want to be
and you can compare between an old drawing and new one, you’ll be happy to see the difference!

If you have any questions don’t be shy! ask me in the comment below

Good Bye!