Winter day outfit ♥


Good evening
So this is my first post in 2014, happy new year everybody!
Winter, my favorite season of the year! I just love it , you wear lots of layers and be fashionable, walking in my house with a blancket,  Hot chocolate, winter make up, and all the cute stuff for winter, and lets not forget rainy days ❤  !
In collage, I love wearing comfortable clothes because i spend lots of hours in collage
so I prefare wearing sweaters, even though i feel they’re very casual to my style. but they’re are cozy
and sometimes a top with a blazer or a jacket, spcially mango jackets i love them!
I’m going to make a post about winter styling and all later *
so this is part of my outfit for a very cold winter day



This jacket i got it long time ago, i actually didn’t wear it a lot, because it’s really heavy and knee tall
I like it’s color it’s not dark and not very light .
Jacket from Femi9


And I put a cherry red scarf on, the picture shows the scarf more brighter but it’s darker actually. it’s very soft, , they have lots of beautiful colors from where i got it.
for this look i also put a cherry red nail polish, i don’t know what is the nail polish brand it’s.
the nail polish color is almost like this color


* The picture is from the enternet
Also, I added some gold accessories with this outfit and a winter make up , which means a dark lip color with a simple eye liner
and lets not forget my lovely black bodycross bag!

See you in another post