Katy Perry inspired illustration

Good evening

It have been a while since i wrote a post here! honestly college took all my time.

anyways, i recently bought a wacom intous tabet – not recently! it’ve been more than 3 months actually xD- !

wacom tablet

so Katy Perry released a new music video – This is how we do- , it was so inspiring & really well made, the outfits were amazing.

i made 3 digital illutsrtaions from 3 different looks in the video, here they are:

the tennis outfit part


the cute yellow short dress

KATY- yellow 1

KATY- yellow 2

and the finale one, my personal favorite! The one in the pastel colors suit and holding ice cream:

katy- pink

It was so fun drawing these, I also made couple videos while drawing but only edited one video

you can see it in my youtube channel here

you can also see my work on my behance portifolio

also i’ll be happy if you helped me get Katy Perry to see the drawings by sharing them 😉

see you in another post



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