Some Derwent products | My review




Hello there! how are you, since i’m on vacation now i’m mostly drawing and I recently bought a Derwent colors products, and i thought about writing a review about them.
I wanted to get prisma colors but i couldn’t order them so far, they’re not available in my country which is very sad, so i thought Derwent colors may be a good replacement to them, or at least like them, I tried two kinds of colors, Artist color pencil and pastel pencils
I also got the blender, burnisher and a small sketchbook.


The sketchbook is A5 size, I liked it because it’s small and easy to carry , and the papers feels good, they’re strong and soft.
I tried drawing on the sketchbook with graphics and it worked, but when it came to water color it wasn’t very good, maybe because it’s not made for water colors, but if you put small amount of water it might work and don’t get very wet page.
The pastel color I didn’t like them too maybe because i don’t use pastels a lot or i don’t really know the technique of it, but the colors were easy to break, especially the black color
but it kept getting broken so i left it.

The color pencils
At first I didn’t like them because they weren’t as smooth as Faber Castell color pencils, maybe it depends on the kind of paper you’re drawing on, I used them many time until i managed to use them right, they give fine color, but you can’t blend the colors easily & they’re kinda sharp, they’re not that bad but I think I prefer Faber Castell more
so these are some of the drawings i made using the color pencils:

Zhenya kotava- themaryas2
Zhenya kotava- themaryas
model- Themaryas
In the end ; I didn’t really like derwent colors that much, but they can do something, they don’t give you rich color, even if you kept coloring over and over, If i compared between prisma colors,faber castel and derwent they”ll be the last!
I’m not saying the company is bad or anything and I don’t mean anything by writing those words but from my experience – at least with these two products- I didn’t like them a lot, but the brand is very famous and it has lots of products but those two weren’t the best.


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Katy Perry inspired illustration

Good evening

It have been a while since i wrote a post here! honestly college took all my time.

anyways, i recently bought a wacom intous tabet – not recently! it’ve been more than 3 months actually xD- !

wacom tablet

so Katy Perry released a new music video – This is how we do- , it was so inspiring & really well made, the outfits were amazing.

i made 3 digital illutsrtaions from 3 different looks in the video, here they are:

the tennis outfit part


the cute yellow short dress

KATY- yellow 1

KATY- yellow 2

and the finale one, my personal favorite! The one in the pastel colors suit and holding ice cream:

katy- pink

It was so fun drawing these, I also made couple videos while drawing but only edited one video

you can see it in my youtube channel here

you can also see my work on my behance portifolio

also i’ll be happy if you helped me get Katy Perry to see the drawings by sharing them 😉

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My Audrey Hepburn obsession

This post is going to be about  art mostly!
so You may don’t know that I like Audrey Hepburn a lot! She’s my role model 
I drew her many times, so i though i should share some of my drawings with you

This is an old portratit of Audrey, I drew it maybe 3 years ago
, You can see that I wasn’t good at drawing her face details such as
eyes and mouth
A3 size 


This one is my favorite! I love this picture of Audrey In her Movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” I watched it one time and i love it
I drew this portrait twice, the first one i didn’t complete it because i had some mistakes in the proportions 
But I didn’t stop and I practiced a lot and drew her again, You can see the difference in this drawing and the previous one
This is an A3 drawing


And finally, this is my newest one! It’s very small actually, It’s an A5 drawing 
And it’s more realistic , I love it and I feel very proud with the result, and how I improved in drawing
And I though adding a red color to her lips will be better because it will make her prettier, Also the original picture has a red lips

My final advice to all the young art lovers that if you failed in drawing one drawing it doesn’t mean that you failed in drawing
all you have to do is to practice more and more until you achieve the result you want to be
and you can compare between an old drawing and new one, you’ll be happy to see the difference!

If you have any questions don’t be shy! ask me in the comment below

Good Bye!

Girly watercolor painting

“Do I love you because you’re beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?”

 Richard Rodgers

I’ve been putting this post on hold like for ever, I’m too busy those days that i can’t even write a post, but i wanted to share with you one of my latest paintings
I made a video for this painting but it need edits and so on but i’ll be posting it soon
anyway, it is ovbious that it’s a watercololr illustration lol

You can see it in my #instagram : @themaryas

What do you think?