Girly watercolor painting

“Do I love you because you’re beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?”

 Richard Rodgers

I’ve been putting this post on hold like for ever, I’m too busy those days that i can’t even write a post, but i wanted to share with you one of my latest paintings
I made a video for this painting but it need edits and so on but i’ll be posting it soon
anyway, it is ovbious that it’s a watercololr illustration lol

You can see it in my #instagram : @themaryas

What do you think?


First post, How exciting!

It’s finally winter here! Rainy weather in the morning, What a beautiful day!  now nothing better than listening to the rain and drinking hot tea!

They say “Blogging is the new poetry” so I’ve decided to be a poetry! -blogger ;)- , Hello readers and welcome to my new blog!
So I suddenly felt that i want to start my own blog after seeing those amazing bloggers and what they write or do , I said to myself : you can be one of them! why not try? after that i created this blog , although i made a blog when i was younger an it was good, i wanted to make a new blog for now, oh! i forgot to introduce myself!
I’m Marie, An 18 years old girl passionate about Art and many things, I’m an artist and i love
.fashion! So I’m going to post every two weeks, about mostly fashion and art and another things
!that’s all for now see you in a new post, bye